Beauty By Carli Bybel
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"The only thing I really wish to do with my life is inspire someone. I wish to be someone that people look up to. I know many people have different definitions and visions of the word 'beauty'.. But mine is different. I think beauty really does come from within. I started this whole journey hoping to help a few others learn some of my tricks I've learned along the way. Little did I know it would turn into something SO much greater. Throughout this time period I have come to realize how important love and acceptance is all over the world. Through my own personal struggles and defeats, I have opened up to a whole new way of thinking. I try and spread positive words to everyone incase someone needed that little reminder. It's crazy how a few little tricks with makeup and/or hair can really boost your confidence. I hope you take the time to get to know me and learn some awesome tricks that everyone can use in their daily life! My love for all of you is endless, and I promise to keep making videos AS LONG as you want to keep seeing them ♥"-Carli

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